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With the introduction of California AB 1482 (Tenant Protection Act of 2019), it has become increasingly difficult for property owners to avoid litigation and navigate Fair Housing laws. At Vasona, we are continually updating our policies to be in accordance with local ordinances and both statewide and federal policies. We maintain active engagement with industry associations, such as the California Apartment Association, to help shape and anticipate the changing legal landscape. Vasona is proud to team up with some of the leading landlord-tenant, labor, construction, and Fair Housing attorneys in the state to guide our team on new laws to protect our property owners. Vasona also offers data breach and cyber-attack protection for our clients and residents to protect their privacy and security. Our dedication to safety and training has earned us some of the lowest Workers' Compensation rates in the state. Decades of industry-leading management practices have secured us extremely competitive property insurance rates—which saves you money.

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Rent Control & AB1482 Compliance Yes?
Local Rental Housing Ordinance Compliance Yes ?
Fair Housing & ADA Compliance Yes?
Advocacy on Behalf of Our Clients Yes?
Low Workers’ Comp Rates Yes?
EPLI (Employee & Resident Issues) Yes?
Data Breach & Cyber Attack Protection Yes?

"For nearly 20 years I have had the pleasure of working closely with the team at Vasona Management on their Workers’ Comp needs, focused on their risk management and safety programs. "Intelligent and creative”, “thoughtful yet relentless," “vigilant while empathic”, “loyal but demanding” are the qualities which have delivered a truly successful risk management program reflected by their low loss history void of major claims.  Before making any major decision, Vasona’s culture is to objectively review the entire situation, consider reasonable alternatives, and then decisively act in the best interest of all.  The team at Vasona take their roles seriously, act professionally and demand the same of everyone who works on their customer’s behalf.”

Kevin Eggleston, Managing Director

National Hospitality and Real Estate Practice

Hub International

“It has been my honor and privilege to be the Property and Casualty insurance broker for Vasona Management for over 15 years. Through the years I have been associated with Vasona Management, they have been the ideal "business model" insurance carriers use when contemplating new accounts.  Vasona's elite status is directly due to the leadership, dedication and expertise continually demonstrated by Terry Maas and his team.  Their stellar reputation has made my job much easier when placing insurance coverage on behalf of Vasona Management. 

Vasona Management's extremely competitive insurance rates are a direct result of the fine efforts of this amazing company!”

Kimberly Dawson-French, CISR

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